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【亚搏网页】泰达仅剩3外援要形成新进攻组合 赛季目标进前10

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  Source: Football News


  Reported by reporter Lu Mi


In the knockout competition’s first opponent, Shenzhen Kaisa, Tianjin Teda scored one win and one tie, completed the relegation task of this season, and staged the "Black Eight Counterattack". For them who did not win the next game in the first stage Generally speaking, this result is beyond most people's expectations.


   After TEDA really completed the task of relegation, some doubts still did not disappear, thinking that their relegation was unfair to other teams. But in this special season, in the face of a special competition system, the conditions are the same for all teams, and the rules are not set by TEDA. TEDA is just using the rules reasonably.

在TEDA真正完成了降级任务之后,一些怀疑仍然没有消失,他们认为降级对其他团队不公平。但是在这个特殊的季节里,面对特殊的比赛系统,所有球队的条件都是一样的,而且泰达没有制定规则。 TEDA只是合理地使用规则。

Before the two games with Shenzuo, no one knew that Ahmedov’s father was critically ill. Bastians had been taking painkillers in training and competitions. Their hard work paid off. In the whole team Thanks to his efforts, the result of relegation was achieved.


   After finishing the match with Shenzhen Football Club, Ahmedov and Bastians left Dalian one after another and returned to their homes. One was to deal with housework and the other was to treat injuries.




   It is a long-term and huge project to change the temperament of a team as a whole. The most intuitive thing is to prove it through a game. In the case of TEDA not winning a game in the first stage, it was relegated in the first round of the second stage, which attracted a lot of criticism for the team. Wang Baoshan responded lightly, "The rules are not set by TEDA."


   Without the pressure of relegation, Wang Baoshan still requires his players to show their desire for victory on the court. This is the most obvious problem on the non-technical and tactical level of the team before Wang Baoshan took over the team in the first stage. He hopes to continue to improve. On the other hand, Wang Baoshan also hopes to consolidate the skills and tactics of the three central defenders in the next game. "In the next game, while completing the task, I hope to improve in this area." Wang Baoshan said at the press conference before the game.

在没有降级压力的情况下,王宝山仍然要求他的球员在场上表现出对胜利的渴望。这是王宝山在第一阶段接手球队之前,在球队的非技术和战术层面上最明显的问题。他希望继续改善。另一方面,王宝山也希望在下一场比赛中巩固三名中后卫的技战术。 “在下一场比赛中,在完成任务的同时,我希望在这方面有所改进。”王宝山在比赛前的新闻发布会上说。

From taking over the team to completing the relegation, Wang Baoshan has done a lot of work on the personnel and spiritual levels of the team. Some players who did not perform well in the first stage have faded out of the 11-man roster. The next game is not only for the team. The opportunity to complete the remaining season goals and fight for the tone is also an opportunity for the TEDA players to regain their name.


Wang Baoshan said: “In terms of personnel, the departure of the two foreign players has also provided other players with the opportunity to play. I also hope to use these games to have a deeper understanding of the personnel and prepare for next year." He said that the rest of the league this year, the overall performance of the team, and the individual performance of the players will be a reference for the team to rebuild the overall staff structure next season.


   At the personnel level, Zheng Kaimu lifted the ban and returned, and Zhao Honglue faced his old club. With only 3 foreign players left, Lima should start and form a new offensive combination with Suarez and Achim Peng.


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