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Tiger Punch, October 24, reporter Ma Dexing revealed that after the battle between Beijing and Luzhou, the Football Association asked Ma Ning if he would avoid the Shanghai Derby, but Ma Ning said that there are more winds and waves, and there is no need to avoid it.

Tiger Punch,10月24日,记者马德兴透露,在北京与Lu州之间的战斗之后,足协询问马宁是否会避开上海德比,但马宁表示风浪更多,没有必要避免它。

Ma Dexing wrote:


In the second round of the first round of the Chinese Super League Championship in the Suzhou Division on the evening of the 23rd, the Shanghai Shenhua team and Shanghai SIPG team fought hard for 120 minutes and lost with a penalty kick. Unfortunately Failed to break into the semi-finals; although the SIPG team maintains its position as the “Shanghai Beach Boss”, I’m afraid that it would be so strenuous anyway. However, throughout the entire game, this "Derby" has no losers. From any point of view, it can be regarded as the most interesting and competitive game in the Super League this year. The Super League needs such a game!


To say that there is no "loser" in this game, the first thing I have to say is Ma Ning, the referee who enforced the game. Due to well-known reasons, Maning was under tremendous pressure before this game, but any mistake in this game may be infinitely magnified at any time, and even have a worse social impact. In fact, as early as two days before the game, when Ma Ning was transferred from the Dalian Division to the Suzhou Division and the news came out that the game will be enforced, there have been many opinions from the outside world, especially the Shenhua fans reacted more strongly, of course. In the past, the law enforcement of the "Derby War" in Shanghai was considered to have "made a penalty against Shenhua." This has actually put a lot of pressure on Ma Ning and has once again pushed the Chinese Football Association to the forefront. The day before the derby match, the battle between Beijing and Lu, as a video referee, Ma Ning was left with "voicing" when dealing with related issues, and even became a "social incident". In this case, what answer will Ma Ning hand over? Obviously, this "Shanghai Derby" is even more interesting. While the outside world is staring at Ma Ning, I am afraid the Chinese Football Association is even more worried.


Fortunately, throughout the game, Ma Ning's law enforcement showed a good psychological pressure as an excellent referee. Although there are still a lot of yellow cards, there is no objection to all yellow cards. He was more decisive in dealing with several key balls, and he was more in place. After the end of the game, Maning's penalty did not cause any reaction. This in itself is very telling. A person familiar with the situation once revealed that relevant leaders of the Chinese Football Association asked Ma Ning after the battle of Beijing and Lu, whether they need to avoid this derby. But the answer Maning gave was: "We have seen more winds and waves." The answer was simple, and in actual combat, it was indeed not affected by the previous game at all, and law enforcement was successfully completed. And this also guarantees to a certain extent that this derby is the most exciting "derby" in recent years.


Back to the game itself. Although the Shenhua team failed to enter the semi-finals in the end, whether it was this game or the previous round, the tactics formulated by the Shenhua team before the game, the determination of the players to implement the tactics, and the fighting spirit demonstrated by the players are all quite Worth the aftertaste. After holding for 90 minutes in the first round of the game, the starting lineup of this game made the outside world "unintelligible", because this game is not only not as speculated by the outside world, the introduction of two foreign attackers Martinez and Bolaños continued to hide, and even Moreno sat on the bench, using only one foreign aid from Mbia against the four foreign aids of SIPG.


What is even more unexpected is that Shenhua attacked aggressively at the beginning of the game, which left the SIPG team at a loss. The team’s tactical choice was in sharp contrast with the first game, and it did have an advantage in the game. All technical statistics are better than SIPG. In the face of the Shenhua team’s defense led by Mbia, SIPG’s luxurious attack line seemed helpless and could not tear the opponent’s line of defense. In the past, SIPG’s side defenders on both sides assisted and worked repeatedly. There was almost no play in the game. Basically, he was tired of defending in his own backcourt, only relying on a penalty kick to take the lead.


However, the lagging Shenhua team showed strong enough tenacity and the spirit of not giving up. After missing the equal opportunities again and again, finally in the 3rd minute of injury time, Sun Shilin tied the score and dragged the game into the game. Overtime. Such a Shenhua team can be said to be a rare Shenhua team in recent years. As a South Korean coach, Cui Kangxi seems to be gradually integrating the "iron-blood spirit" of Korean football into Shenhua's blood. Of course, what I have to say is that if the Shenhua team has a staffing like SIPG on the front line, maybe it will be me who can laugh last! At this time, perhaps Cui Kangxi missed his proud disciple Jin Xinyu most, especially when he missed the Shanghai SIPG team in the 120th minute.


Perhaps, for the Shenhua team, after failing to qualify for the semi-finals, what should now be considered is the AFC Champions League to be launched later. As one of the teams with the most participation in the AFC Champions League in the Chinese Super League, Shenhua's performance in the AFC Champions League is mediocre. Perhaps, under the command of Cui Kangxi, if this year's AFC Champions League can have the blood and tenacity of this derby, Shenhua can be worth looking forward to rewriting some history.


After shooting penalties, SIPG finally had the last laugh. However, if the SIPG team is truly happy, it is probably the young goalkeeper Chen Wei who saved Moreno's penalty in the penalty shootout. Because it was his flutter that made the SIPG team a turnaround and finally made the SIPG team advance to the semi-finals. However, in the two rounds facing the old opponents who had been "bloodbished" in the past, SIPG was unable to score goals in the sports battle. This may allow other opponents to find better ways to deal with SIPG.


Before the game, the general opinion was: SIPG should be able to win this game within 90 minutes! But no one thought that SIPG would be passive from the beginning. Moreover, in the face of passive situations, the team cannot come up with better ways to improve. If it is said that the first game is because Shenhua has adopted the tactics of the iron barrel formation, even the world's top teams have few ways to face the "iron barrel formation" and there is no excuse for it, then this game faces the initiative. In the Shenhua attack, SIPG's best counterattack in the past did not achieve very good results. In the whole game, apart from the penalty kick, SIPG did not create an excellent chance to score. This is probably the biggest problem currently facing the SIPG team, that is, compared to the Shenhua team, the SIPG team seems to have insufficient bench depth! This also made it impossible for the SIPG team to change its tactics when the situation was passive or unable to tear the opponent's line of defense.


Although SIPG has a luxurious "three-drive foreign aid" on the attack line, in this year's Super League, the performance of several foreign aids is even far worse than last year. Faced with this year's special competition system, after passing the Shenhua level, the future may not be easier. However, this is something for now. For SIPG, the most important thing in this derby is "finally broke through"!


(Edit: Give everyone an early year)


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