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亚搏-张帅:差点因签证无法参赛 心态改变令状态回升

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   At the French Open on the 3rd, the women's singles event entered the third round. The match of Chinese player Zhang Shuai was arranged at the Simone Mathieu Stadium. The opponent was French local star Birael.


  Affected by the epidemic, the daily limit of the audience allowed by the French Open is 1,000 people. At the beginning of Zhang Shuai's game, there were 8 stadiums at the same time, including the Philippe Chatier Stadium, but more than one-third of the audience chose to come to Simone Stadium.


  Most of these people come to cheer for local players, and there are only a few Chinese audiences. Whenever Bieler scored, there would be warm shouts of celebration, but when Zhang Shuai scored, he could only hear sporadic applause or the occasional Chinese "Come on".

这些人大多为当地球员加油,只有少数中国观众。每当Bieler得分时,都会欢呼雀跃,但是当Zhang Shuai得分时,他只会听到零星的掌声或偶尔的中国“加油”声。

   Such pressure did not affect Zhang Shuai's performance. She beat her opponent 7:6 (2), 7:5, and reached the top 16 in the clay court Grand Slam for the first time in her career.


"Chinese players and even Asian players are generally not good at clay courts, because we have practiced hard courts since we were young, so compared with European players, this aspect is much worse," said Zhang Shuai, "in the past few years, every time I have been playing I participated in several clay court warm-up matches before the start of the French Open, but most of the matches were eliminated in the first round. So in such a special year, being able to reach the top 16 of the French Open is very special for me."


   Coming to the French Open, Zhang Shuai's prospects were not optimistic. The season just resumed, and she went to the United States to participate in the Cincinnati Open and the US Open, without winning singles and doubles.


   "At that time, I was a little depressed and didn't know how to win the game." Zhang Shuai said.


Problems outside the stadium also followed. Because the Schengen visa had expired, Zhang Shuai and her coaching team could only apply for a visa at the French Embassy in the United States. The waiting time was long and they almost missed the European clay court. Season.


"At the time, I could only live in a hotel in New York and practice on the hard courts of the US Open. I thought I might not be able to catch up with the European games. Then on a Thursday or Friday, the visa came out. We did it that afternoon. I bought a ticket and flew to Europe." Zhang Shuai recalled.


   Coming to Europe, Zhang Shuai's first race was Rome. But at this time, she cannot train on the clay court. According to the local epidemic prevention and control requirements, she needs to be isolated for 24 hours. After the quarantine, after only one hour of training, Zhang Shuai ushered in her first match-another defeat, and she was also eliminated in the subsequent doubles match.


   0 wins and 6 losses, this is the report card that Zhang Shuai handed over in the first three races after the season resumed, obviously unsatisfactory.


   But as a professional athlete, Zhang Shuai has been working hard to adjust her mentality and state, coupled with more opportunities to practice on the clay court, the subsequent Strasbourg Open, her performance began to pick up. From the qualifying round, Zhang Shuai won a wave of three consecutive victories and successfully reached the top 8.


   After arriving in Paris, Zhang Shuai finally showed an unprecedented relaxed state. Unlike many other players complaining about the cold weather, Zhang Shuai has always expressed that he enjoys the game more.


"Paris in autumn is very beautiful, and it is very difficult to come here. The hotel arranged by the organizing committee is very close to the Eiffel Tower. I still enjoy the game. The event can be restarted, and many people have worked very hard. I am grateful to stand again. The Grand Slam arena." Zhang Shuai said.


   After experiencing the previous downturn and interference from off-court factors, Zhang Shuai's perception of the game has also changed. In her own words, she cherishes and desires the game as never before.


   "I felt so happy and excited today when I went to the No. 7 stadium. I have never been so eager to play. This feeling is very special." Zhang Shuai said after he eliminated No. 12 seed Keith in the first round.


   The next round of Zhang Shuai’s opponent will be No. 7 seed Kvitova. There is a certain gap between Zhang Shuai and the opponent in terms of overall strength, but as she herself said, what she has to do now is not to think too much and relax.


   "The previous game has been done very well, all I have to do is to keep it going and hit every point." Zhang Shuai said. (Finish)

“以前的游戏做得非常好,我要做的就是让它继续前进并击中每一分。”张帅说。 亚搏(完)

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