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亚搏|姆比亚:我不管上港外援有多强 我们也有好球员

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  Source: Football News 




In the first round of the championship group, it was a derby. Cui Kangxi naturally knew the importance of the game. SIPG put out all the main lineups. Hulk, Oscar, Anautovic and Muyi all started, but Shenhua only used it. The two foreign aids Mbia and Moreno, the Ecuadorian double star F Ma and Bolaños, have always been on the bench-not only did they not start, they did not even get the chance to play.

在冠军团体的第一轮比赛中,这是一场德比战。崔康熙自然知道游戏的重要性。 SIPG推出了所有主要阵容。绿巨人,奥斯卡,安诺塔维奇和穆伊都开始了,但申花只使用了它。厄瓜多尔双星F Ma和Bolaños的两位外援Mbia和Moreno一直都坐在板凳上-他们不仅没有开始比赛,甚至没有机会参加比赛。

After the game, Cui Kangxi explained his arrangement, “After the new players came to the team, they needed to adapt and didn’t play. It’s a shame because the pace of this game is very fast and the team needs to defend. on."


  Shenhua won the fourth place in the group after defeating Jianye in the final game of the first stage. The opponent in the championship group is the first SIPG in the Suzhou Division.


Before the game, Cui Kangxi especially emphasized the importance of the first game. He also said that if the team wants to achieve good results, he hopes that the old players can play well. "This is the first game of two rounds. The game is very important. The more this kind of derby, the more important the experience of the veterans will be reflected. We have many experienced veterans. We believe that their abilities and experience can help us play well."

赛前,崔康熙特别强调了第一局的重要性。他还说,如果球队想取得好的成绩,他希望老球员能打出好成绩。 “这是两轮比赛的第一场比赛。这场比赛非常重要。这种德比战越能体现退伍军人的经验就越重要。我们有许多经验丰富的退伍军人。我们相信他们的能力和经验会有所帮助我们打得很好。”

Regarding SIPG’s foreign aid, Cui Kangxi conducted a serious study and made careful arrangements. “The foreign aid of SIPG is very capable and characteristic. We have also made some targeted preparations. The most important thing is Defense."

关于SIPG的对外援助,崔康熙进行了认真的研亚搏究,并做出了周密的安排。 “ SIPG的外援非常有能力和特色。我们还做了一些针对性的准备。最重要的是防御。”

In the whole game, Shenhua only shot 3 times, and they didn’t hit the target. Among them, there were zero shots in the first half, but the team’s defense made it impossible for SIPG. He didn’t score a goal, but it also didn’t give it. Opportunity in Hong Kong, Cui Kangxi's bus made Pereira extremely crazy.


   In addition to this game, Shenhua has zero opponents in 8 games and is the team with the most number of zero opponents in the Super League this season. Compared with last season, Shenhua's defense has indeed improved a lot.


   In the game, facing SIPG’s offense, almost every Shenhua player inspires blood, and regards himself as a "human shield". Where there is an offense, there are blue figures.


After the game, Cui Kangxi praised the defensive players in particular, "We conceded a lot of goals in the league last year. This year we hope to reduce the number of goals conceded. This season, whether it is the backcourt or the frontcourt, the entire team must defend well. This This is the reason for our success. In this game, our defensive players did a good job, and I want to praise them very much."


   Of course, as far as Shenhua’s best-performing players are concerned, one is Mbia and the other is Zeng Cheng, especially Mbia who was named the MVP on the spot after the game.


In the first stage of the Super League, Mbia played only 9 games and started 7 times. Moreover, he did not reach his peak state. But in this game, Mbia is like a fighter, and you can watch the most dangerous places. To him-don't forget, he is 34 years old.


   Whether it is Oscar, Hulk, or Anautovich, Mbia has not taken advantage of him. When he needs him, he can "throw" himself out to block the opponent's fire.


Speaking of the process of the game and the coach’s technical and tactical arrangements, Mbia said: “In fact, the game is the same as the coach’s deployment. We must have confidence. We must work together and organize our defense.” In the face of several strong aids on the opponent’s offensive line, Mbia has nothing to fear, "It doesn’t matter how strong the opponent’s foreign aid is. We don’t care who the opponent is, because we have Moreno , There are very good Chinese players."


After the game, Cui Kangxi thanked the players, "Thanks to them who struggled to the end, I am grateful." For the 0-0 result, Cui Kangxi thought it was not bad. Although it did not meet expectations, there is still a second round, "Hope We played better".


Of course, Cui Kangxi also regrets the result. "Although we did a good defensive performance, the problem is that we launched a quick counterattack after stealing the ball. We did not do well and need to be strengthened. In fact, in the first round, we still want to win. Ball". The second round will take place on the 23rd. At that time, Shenhua needs to show the same momentum as this game, but some wounded may not be able to play.

当然,崔康熙也对结果感到遗憾。 “尽管我们的防守表现不错,但问题是我们在抢到球后发起了快速的反击。我们做得不好亚搏,需要加强。事实上,在第一轮比赛中,我们仍然想赢球。” 。第二轮将在23日举行。当时,神华需要展现出与这场比赛相同的势头,但有些受伤的人可能无法上场。

Zhao Mingjian ended up injured and Moreno was replaced because of his injuries. Regarding the injuries of the two men, Cui Kangxi said, “Zhao Mingjian’s injuries are more serious and need to be checked; Moreno is badly injured and there is no major problem.” In addition, Zhu Chenjie During the game, he was replaced and replaced. Cui Kangxi revealed that his ankle broke a bit, "it affected the performance, so he could only be replaced."


   "The next game will definitely be more difficult." Mbia said, "but we are ready and will play well."


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